A work in progress – Be patient, I’m taking oxycodone for my illness

This site is until further notice a work-in-progress.
Goals are to make a non-commercial look for a ZZP site.

I will do my best to make it clean. I will ignore IE, sorry for that.
Hopefully I will be ready in a week. What has been holding me back, just to let you know, is that apparently I have carpal tunnel syndrome. I had this pain in my arm that I was ignoring until I realized it had been there for a while. The doctor told me I need to find where can i buy oxycodone and take it for a few days. Unfortunately he also told me I need to take a break.

I asked for how long and he said at very least one full week. That means working on the site is going to have to wait for a while. Oh well, health really does have to come first.